KIM Ottawa    

My family loves your lucky lotto pencil

My 94 year old grandmother loves scratch tickets and your lucky lotto scratcher is a great invention. Thanks a million :)

Karen From Barrie Writes 
I spoke to you just a few minutes ago about your greatest little Lucky Lotto Scratcher.  Its such a piece of magic.  No fuss no mess!!  the greatest little invention.  Love the key chain idea.  I saw your scratcher at a little convenience store here in Barrie.  The vendor has it chained to his counter.  cant blame him anyone would love that hot little item for themselves.  I just hate the mess that scratch tickets make and this little item sucks it up. thanks David.  

  ANN        From London Writes

How I found out about you:  Believe it or not I have been hunting for you since early February when my CNIB lottery booth lady using one.  Absolutely had to have one so she gave me the web address from the scratcher but “site not found” or something like that was what I got every time (and I tried many, many times) I searched for your site.  If I’m remembering correctly, one search did bring up a cached site that was no longer available.  When I explained to my lottery lady she told me the one she had was actually a Christmas promotion associated with the CNIB so a light went off in my head and I managed to get to your site by searching “CNIB lottery scratcher” and placed my first order a couple of weeks ago .
Your scratcher is truly amazing – almost miracle-like as I can’t figure out where the ‘debris’ goes when I scratch!  I will be spreading the word when I give my friends their scratchers and then they’ll tell their friends, etc, etc, etc.  I’m sure that word-of-mouth publicity alone will help toward making your business a success and I truly hope that it is, as I will without a doubt order from you again down the road. 

 Betty        From Hamilton Writes

My husband bought a couple from the Hamilton General Hospital. They work better then anything we've tried. The only thing we found was after a bit they needed sharpening.
Now that we see you have sharpeners they will be great!

  Patti       From   St. CatheriansWrites

I saw your product this afternoon at my local Avondale store in St. Catharines.  I've tried all sorts of scratch aids but was never happy with them.  
This is truly different, and for someone with disabilities in my hands, your product is easy and painless to use!!!!  I was pleased to see you are in Fort Erie so I am helping the regional economy.
 I only wish I had purchased the longer one as it does fit better with my hand issues!  ha ha Looking forward to receiving my order.  Thanks for a great product, David



Hi guys.I saw the product at my lotto sales counter at the Midland WalMart last winter.. I bought a couple of them and thoroughly enjoyed using them. My wife asked me the other day to get some more for birthday presents but they did not have any. I saw your website name on the last one I still had and was thus able to contact you and place this order. Looking forward to receiving the LUCKY scratchers.





                            SO WE CAN POST THEM ON OUR WEB SITE


We would love to have a picture of you at your  place of business selling Lucky lotto scratcher

 Post from  Tonya USA. Sept 2015

I originally found the scratcher on Ebay and I absolutely LOVED IT.  (Only downside is I enjoy playing the lottery even more than I did now, haha!)  I have been moving back and forth from my house to my mommas, taking care of her and lost the original one I had purchased and when I tried to repurchase on Ebay it said it couldn't ship to my address.  So I got on Yahoo and started searching for them and saw your website come up, actually hadn't felt that excited in a long time, lol, sad but true.  Anyways, I am actually thinking about buying my family members some for Christmas.  I truly can't express how much I love em' I have used at least two dozen different kind of scratchers and none of them even come close to this one!

  Tracy CNIB Contractor

Hey David just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that your product is selling very well here. My customers and I both really like them.

Savanna  North Bay
These little scratcher's are the best, you are a genius lol. I used to use a penny or a dime before I found these.

The penny and the dime would leave dirt marks all over my fingers.

These scratcher's have never left a mess! My mother in law will also be happy I found them, 
She will probably make me order some for her also.

Hi David!
Thank you for your email.  I don’t have a retail store.  I bought a Lucky Lotto Scratcher the first time from a retail lottery booth in a WalMart store and once from a convenience store and absolutely love it!  I can’t seem to find them anymore for family members, so I thought I would purchase them online as a little gift for them.  J
My order is correct.  I ordered 10 scratchers on key chains and 10 sharpener/scratcher/holders.  I wish more retailers would sell them.
I also watched your video on how to use the sharpener for the scratcher.
It’s a great little product!
Thank you.


Saw it on Dragon's Den - and am buying a senior scratch cards for birthday - thought this would be a great add on
Thank you


Post From Rekha Canada  1/6/16

Hi David…

 Thank you so much for appearing on Dragons’ Den so that I could learn about your product!  I LOVE it!  I have carpal tunnel syndrome from typing so much all day and had never been able to find a ‘tool’ that doesn’t make scratching lottery tickets painful.  Well now I have!  It works beautifully.
When I win my first million, well, I’ll write to you from the Bahamas!
Thanks again!